What is Website SEO Audit?

Website SEO audit is a detailed analysis of your website’s existing SEO and rankings. This includes various aspects such as back linking, on and off page optimization, keywords employed, your website’s visibility and functioning etc. You can think of it as a diagnostic process to determine your website’s health issues and how they can be fixed.

What do we deliver?

Our SEO experts carry out a three step Website SEO audit for your website to ensure smooth function and greater visibility:


  • SEO Analysis:


  1. A basic market share analysis of the website  
  2. A high-level SEO benchmark comparison with top 1-4 competitor websites
  3. A Search Engine Result Page (SERP) comparison with competitor sites
  4. An On page SEO key factor readiness analysis of the website
  5. An Off-site  SEO Analysis
  6. A Webmaster Tools Analysis (errors and functioning)
  7. A basic local search engine ranking analysis

2) Evaluation:

  • A thorough evaluation of Internal and external SEO
  • An SEO benchmarking for the website
  • Easily comprehendible SEO metrics for you
  • A simple and easy to understand scoring methodology

3) Prioritization:

  • Prioritizing of  top SEO issues and opportunities
  • Development of a short term and a long term plan of action
  • Setting future SEO benchmarks and help in achieving them
  • Continuous support regarding SEO matters

What are the benefits of Website SEO Audit?

Website SEO auditing is essential for a website’s smooth functioning and also to get maximum out of your business’s site. Here are a few benefits of getting an SEO Audit done by our experts:

  • Smooth functioning of the website
  • Better SERP and SEO rankings
  • Avoidance of penalties by search engines
  • Great visibility to users
  • Maximization of profit through targeting of online traffic
  • Know-how of competitors and how to get ahead of them
  • Developing the right SEO strategy for your website
  • Identification of all on and off page issues and getting them fixed
* Required